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December 2015

Examining TV portrayals of abortion

UCSF Bixby Center
Television story lines are often more dramatic, bizarre and fantastical than real life – and abortion story lines are no exception. In a new study, UCSF Bixby Center researchers examine how women who seek abortions are portrayed on TV.

On TV, women who have abortions are younger, whiter and wealthier

Characters on television who consider or obtain abortions don't reflect the demographics of American women who choose them or their reasons for doing so, according to a recent analysis from researchers at the University of California, San Francisco.

New research examines how abortion stories are told on TV

Bitch Media
While one in three American women will have an abortion at some point in their lives, it’s rare to see this common reality portrayed on television. And when characters do talk openly about abortion, a new study finds, those characters are more likely to be white, under the age of 20, and childless.

Study: abortion patients on TV are overwhelmingly young, wealthy and white

A new study looking at television portrayals of abortion found that fictional abortion patients are overwhelmingly younger, wealthier, and whiter than abortion patients in real life. “That’s true of everything on TV,” you could argue, correctly, but the authors point out it could contribute to public misunderstanding of the procedure.

Birth-control experts are wary of coercive tactics in the push for IUD use

The Nation
 A new study suggests that experts on long-acting contraception hear reproductive-justice advocates loud and clear.

TV tackled abortion differently this year

When it comes to the storylines you’ve come to expect from network television, abortion probably isn’t high on the list. It’s a topic that’s often considered too political or controversial for casual entertainment. But in 2015, some popular TV shows started to change that.

TV shows distort which women get abortions — and why they get them

Washington Post
A paper University of California, San Francisco sociologists Gretchen Sisson and Katrina Kimport are publishing in a forthcoming issue of the academic journal Contraception sheds new light on which fictional women have abortions on television shows and the reasons they have the procedure.

Women with access to abortion have more positive views on life

Huffington Post
A new study suggests that abortion access allows women to have "aspirational" one-year plans.

Make a gift to advance reproductive health care with dignity

UCSF Bixby Center
As the year comes to an end, the UCSF Bixby Center is proud to celebrate our contributions to global reproductive health. While we are proud of our accomplishments, reproductive health care is literally under attack in the US and abroad, and we can do so much more. We need your support to ensure that all people have the power to manage their reproductive health with dignity.

Access to abortion contributes to a more positive life outlook

The Establishment
Abortion is good for you as an individual and it’s good for society as a whole—simply having the treatment option available for those who can get pregnant increases positivity and the ability to make and achieve goals.