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August 2015

Insight from fetal tissue

New York Times
Given the promising research into various medical conditions that this article attributes to fetal tissue donation, it is especially disappointing that the researchers using this tissue have been so reluctant to forcefully speak out in defense of these donations.

July 2015

New online training in IUDs and implants

UCSF Bixby Center
UCSF Bixby Center has launched a free online training, An Update on Long-Acting Reversible Contraception. The training is a primer on IUDs and the contraceptive implant, and is suitable for all types of healthcare providers and support staff.

Mom denied procedure during c-section sparks campaign to change laws

Yahoo Parenting
An Illinois mom was denied sterilization surgery because the hospital where she was delivering was a Catholic institution and policy dictated it couldn’t perform contraceptive procedures — something she was never made aware of throughout her pregnancy.

Does viewing ultrasounds affect abortion decisions?

Journalist's Resource
Ultrasound viewing by patients has no clinical purpose: it does not affect the woman’s condition or the decisions health providers make. Nevertheless, ultrasound viewing has become central to the hotly contested politics of abortion.

How providers can help pregnant workers get medically necessary accommodations

UCSF Bixby Center
When a woman needs to request medical leave or a change in her job duties due to a pregnancy, her obstetrician or other prenatal care provider can help her by writing a letter to her employer. Yet there is little guidance for healthcare providers to write such notes, and some notes have been used to fire pregnant women.

This is how teens have sex, according to the CDC

Huffington Post
Teen pregnancy is at a record low in the U.S., and a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention may explain why.

Attacks on Planned Parenthood part of a campaign to harass legal abortion providers

RH Reality Check
Mostly lost in the intense focus on the brutally dishonest attacks on Planned Parenthood’s practices regarding tissue donation is that they are also part of an ongoing campaign to target and harass individual abortion providers and others connected with the safe and legal provision of abortion care.

This study should end the debate about whether women regret having abortions

According to a new study that tracked hundreds of women who had abortions, more than 95 percent of participants reported that ending a pregnancy was the right decision for them.

Is long-term birth control the best way to reduce pregnancies?

Healthline News
A Colorado family planning program was able to slash pregnancies and abortions by providing long-term birth control methods. Should that be the model for future programs?

Time to end the Hyde Amendment

San Francisco Chronicle
The war on women isn’t over.