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December 2015

Advancing reproductive health and human rights for HIV-positive women

UCSF Bixby Center
Many women living with HIV can have safe, healthy and satisfying sexual and reproductive lives, but there is still a long way to go to make this a universal reality. The new issue of the Journal of the International AIDS Society features contributions from researchers, clinicians, policymakers and women living with HIV that examine this critical issue – including new research from the UCSF Bixby Center.

Advancing care for HIV-positive children and adolescents in Kenya

UCSF Bixby Center

On World AIDS Day, the global community has committed to ambitious targets focused on ending the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

November 2015

The link between anti-abortion rhetoric and the Planned Parenthood attack

Yes, there is such a thing as “incitement.”

It’s 2015—let’s stop calling reproductive rights a “women’s issue”

We may have evolved past thinking of women as a monolith, but we still haven’t connected the dots that “women’s issues” are “everyone issues”—especially when it comes to linking reproductive rights and economic security.

Abortion in Shondaland: how the TV producer is flipping the script on reproductive health-care storytelling

RH Reality Check
On Thursday night, a Shonda Rhimes show once again created waves for a storyline about abortion.

Abortions without scandal

Al Jazeera America
‘Scandal’ producer Shonda Rhimes should be lauded for her accurate portrayal of a black woman seeking abortion.

Planned Parenthood sues Texas in dispute over funding for clinics

New York Times
Planned Parenthood sued Texas officials in federal court in Austin on Monday, seeking to block the state from cutting off its Medicaid funding, the latest in a series of lawsuits it has filed against Republican-led states after the controversy over its use of fetal tissue.

States lead effort to let pharmacists prescribe birth control

New York Times
Groundbreaking laws in two Western states will soon make access to birth control easier for millions of women by allowing them to obtain contraceptives from pharmacists without a doctor’s prescription.

Women want over-the-counter birth control

New laws in California and Oregon will soon allow pharmacists to prescribe hormonal contraceptives—including the patch, the ring, and the pill—enabling women to access more effective forms of birth control without a trip to the doctor’s office.

Latinas living near the Texas-Mexico border more likely to try self-induced abortion

More than 100,000 Texas women have attempted to self-induce an abortion, and Latinas living near the border are more likely to be in that group, a report released Tuesday from the University of Texas found.