Protect US abortion care by training more providers

In today's New York Times, Bixby Director Dr. Jody Steinauer has an op-ed calling for a renewed commitment to training abortion providers, including advance-practice clinicians and family medicine physicians. She argues that everyone can play a role in ensuring that we are prepared for a possible future without Roe vs. Wade: 

  • Educators can train physicians and advanced-practice clinicians to do abortions, educate medical and nursing students about abortion, and support making complex family planning a subspecialty of Obstetrics and Gynecology.
  • Advocates can help repeal laws that allow only physicians to perform abortions, a restriction that is not based in evidence.
  • Concerned citizens can support training organizations like Medical Students for Choice, donate to their local abortion funds, and volunteer at their local clinics. Everyone can speak out against laws that restrict access to abortion in their states.