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Shamba Maisha farming program improved food security and mental health for people living with HIV 

December 19, 2022
National Institute of Mental Health Director Joshua Gordon at a Shamba Maisha farm Food insecurity is rampant in sub-Saharan Africa. In 2020, more than 65% of people experienced moderate to severe food insecurity. Rates were even higher among people living with HIV. Despite progress in reducing...

Meet Alison Comfort, researcher exploring the stories behind the data

November 14, 2022
The numbers in a research study offer a glimpse into people’s lives, but there are always deeper stories behind the figures. Health economist Alison Comfort has been drawn to math and economics her whole life. The unique power of her work comes in recognizing the real-life experiences behind the...

IGHS and Bixby Center researchers head to Kenya to develop more equitable global partnerships

November 14, 2022
This piece was originally published at the Institute for Global Health Sciences by Cameron Scott.  November 14, 2022

Sex ed programs that share information about clinical services reduce perceived barriers to care

November 04, 2022
Providing accurate information to adolescents about local sexual and reproductive health services can increase awareness, reduce misconceptions, and may help them use the services. Increasing knowledge about access to these services is a critical component of improving adolescent sexual health. One...

Implications of the Dobbs Decision for Medical Education

JAMA | November 02, 2022
Bixby members Jody Steinauer and Biftu Mengesha, with co-author Nikki Zite, warn about inadequate training and moral distress as a result of overturning Roe v. Wade. 

San Francisco shows paid family leave should be designed with an equity approach

October 26, 2022
Only 23% of workers in the US have access to paid family leave through their employers. Without enough pay, many return to work within weeks of giving birth or adopting. Research has shown that laws that increase access to paid leave resulted in better health for birthing people and babies. But...

One in three people would consider managing their own abortion if they couldn't get to a clinic

October 04, 2022
October 4, 2022 Increasing abortion restrictions are pushing more people to navigate legal risks and longer travel distances to the nearest abortion clinic. A new ANSIRH study confirms that as many as one in three people indicate that they would consider doing something to end their pregnancy on...

Women’s social networks influence decisions around prenatal care

September 23, 2022
September 23, 2022  Courtesy of Jonathan Torgovnik/Getty Images/Images of Empowerment. Some rights reserved. Early prenatal care is critical for protecting the health and lives of mothers and babies. It provides opportunities for screening, treatment, and prevention of complications. Yet most women...

A new tool to measure agency in contraceptive care

September 09, 2022
To address health equity goals, we need ways to capture patient experiences of bias or coercion. New Bixby research aims to fill a gap in measuring contraceptive agency in people’s interactions with a provider.

Young people are more concerned about pregnancy than STIs

August 18, 2022
August 18, 2022 Young people aged 15-24 are less than a quarter of the population, yet they get half the estimated 20 million new cases of STIs each year. STIs and unplanned pregnancies disproportionately affect youth in juvenile facilities, foster care or experiencing homelessness. Communities of...