Announcing season 4 of Coming Together for Sexual Health

Season 4 of Coming Together for Sexual Health, a podcast out of the California Prevention Training Center, has begun! Season 4 will include three mini-series. Their first mini-series is on harm reduction and sexual health, then family planning and reproductive justice, and third, pleasure.  

The mini-series on harm reduction starts with drag queen Kochina Rude, who incorporates harm reduction into her punk performances, training partygoers on how to recognize an overdose and administer nasal narcan. Then they speak with Braunz Courtney on providing everything from condoms, needle exchange, and narcan to helping people access basic necessities like food, laundry, and showers. Last, they take a national, international, and historical view of harm reduction with Tanagra Melgarejo Pulida from National Harm Reduction Coalition.   

Coming Together for Sexual Health is a podcast for providers and advocates passionate about health equity and inclusive care. They unpack both the how and the why of improving sexual and reproductive health. From root structural problems to improvements in clinical care, they keep the attention on people most impacted by STIs, HIV, and emerging infectious diseases. 

The podcast is powered by leading sexual health trainers at UCSF’s California Prevention Training Center. Join their sex-positive conversations with expert clinicians, public health leaders, and community members wherever you get your podcasts. 

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