Miscarriage treatment is just as safe in offices as in ambulatory surgical centers

Although a lot of medical procedures have moved to outpatient settings, many obstetric and gynecological procedures are still performed in hospitals. Some women prefer receiving miscarriage treatment outside a hospital, and that care may cost less money. Safety is usually the main concern for keeping procedures in hospitals.

New research from ANSIRH compares the safety of miscarriage treatment in three different facility types: office-based settings, hospitals, and ASCs. The procedures and medications used to treat miscarriages are similar to those used in abortion care, which make these data relevant for comparing the safety of abortion and miscarriage treatment.

Overall, they found the safety of miscarriage treatment varied slightly across facility type. There were no statistically significant differences in complications between ASCs and office-based settings for any miscarriage treatments. There were more complications in hospitals than ASCs and office-based settings for two of three types of miscarriage treatment procedures.

The overall finding of similarities in safety of miscarriage treatment across ASCs and office-based settings is in line with findings from a recent study finding no difference in safety of abortion across ASCs and office-based settings. These findings challenge the idea behind some state laws that abortions need to be performed in ASCs to protect patient safety.