Having an abortion in an ambulatory surgical center costs hundreds more than office-based settings

Several states have laws that require abortions to be provided in Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASC) under the argument of improving abortions safety. Previous research by ANSIRH found no differences in patient safety between abortions in ASCs versus in office-based settings. However, there has been little research on the cost differences between having an abortion in an ASC versus an office-based setting. 

Calculating finances

ANSIRH researchers reviewed data on women who had abortions in both office-based clinics and ASCs to measure any differences in cost between settings. They found that the cost of having an abortion in an ASC is more than $750 higher than having an abortion in an office-based setting. They also found no difference by facility in whether a patient received follow-up health care or abortion-related follow-up care.

Their research shows that abortions performed at ASCs cost significantly more than those performed in office-based settings, with no difference in the likelihood of receiving follow-up care. Therefore, laws requiring abortions to be provided in ASCs increase patient costs, without improving abortion safety.