Bixby's abortion training pioneers share lessons with UK colleagues

The Bixby Center’s Uta Landy, PhD and Jody Steinauer, MD, MAS were recently invited by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists to a meeting addressing the lack of abortion training and services in the UK, especially for dilation and evacuation procedures. Although the National Health Service (NHS) pays for abortions, which were legalized 50 years ago in the UK, abortion training for gynecologists has not been institutionalized. As pioneers of abortion care training in the US medical education system, Drs. Landy and Steinauer were invited by the meeting's organizers, Dr. Lesley Regan and Dr. Patricia Lohr, to share lessons and advice.

In particular, Dr. Landy shared her experiences establishing and growing the Ryan Residency and Fellowship in Family Planning training programs. She spoke about developing institutional champions, integrating training into mainstream medical education, and creating a pipeline of future reproductive health leaders. Dr. Steinauer presented on pedagogy and the role of online training resources, such as those produced by the Bixby Center’s Innovating Education in Reproductive Health program.

Both Drs. Landy and Steinauer felt the meeting was a productive exchange. Dr. Landy also noted that it gave her the chance to step back and appreciate “the unique difference our work has made and continues to make in moving our field ahead and guaranteeing access to abortion.”