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Pilot shows promising results for holistic fistula care

July 03, 2024
A study co-led by Bixby researcher Alison El Ayadi sought to address the gap in evidence-based practice for reintegration following female genital fistula surgery through the development and pilot test of an intervention at a hospital in Kampala, Uganda.

A one-stop shop to reduce pregnancy care-related inequities in San Francisco

June 26, 2024
A team of institutional and community leaders developed a pregnancy village model—a community-based, community-institutional co-led model of providing social, public health, clinical, and wraparound services as a one-stop shop, in an intentionally-designed, celebratory, and uplifting environment.

Ob-gyn residents forced to deny abortion care grapple with moral distress

June 14, 2024
New research from the Ryan Residency Training Program ffound that ob-gyn residents training in states that restrict abortion feel profound distress at not being able to provide the evidence-based care their patients need.

Initial cure of BV infection makes live biotherapeutics more effective

June 12, 2024
These results indicate that clearing BV-associated microbes before giving live biotherapeutic products may be crucial to maximizing their effectiveness, thus helping to prevent the negative reproductive health outcomes that come with recurring BV.

Building sustainable, impactful perinatal community health worker programs

May 16, 2024
In a new paper in Health Affairs, Malini Nijagal and colleagues share lessons learned for policymakers to design or restructure perinatal community health worker programs.

Sending abortion pills through the mail is timely and effective

May 16, 2024
Researchers found that using a mail-order pharmacy to deliver the drugs after an in-person assessment was both safe and effective, and patients appreciated the privacy and convenience of receiving their abortion medication that way.

Jennifer Yarger testifies in support of expanded Medi-Cal coverage of telehealth services

May 09, 2024
On April 2, 2024, Beyond the Pill researcher Dr. Jennifer Yarger presented testimony in support of Assembly Bill 2339, a California State Assembly bill improving telehealth access for California Medical Assistance Program (Medi-Cal) recipients.

Community midwifery model of postpartum care as a path toward equity and better health

April 12, 2024
New research from Ariana Thompson-Lastad and colleagues uses interviews with midwives who provide care in birth centers and home settings in California and Oregon to describe six key elements of the community midwifery model of postpartum care.

New resource: Guide to accurate and compassionate communications about drug and alcohol use during pregnancy

April 09, 2024
Our new resource offers guidance that promotes health and well-being, is grounded in evidence, and tells stories of pregnant people who use drugs and alcohol with compassion, humility and accuracy.

Telehealth medication abortion is just as safe and effective as in-person care

March 11, 2024
As we await a decision on FDA v. Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine from the Supreme Court that could potentially strip access to medication abortion through telehealth services and virtual appointments, new ANSIRH research from The California Home Abortion by Telehealth (CHAT) Study published in ...