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September 2020

Herpes: Stop the STIgma

This Podcast Will Kill You
Ina Park of the California Prevention Training Center talked about her forthcoming book and ending shame and stigma around sexually transmitted infections.

Perceived conflicts in desire to delay first birth in Nepal

UCSF Bixby Center

In Nepal, as in other parts of South Asia, it is considered the norm for couples to begin having children immediately after marriage.

August 2020

What we can learn from efforts to address the Black maternal health crisis during COVID-19

Center for Health Journalism
Bixby member Monica McLemore and Stephanie Bray argue that we need to invest in new approaches to research and care that ensure the momentum from the anti-racist movement is not lost.

Adapting HIV care in Western Kenya to prevent the spread of COVID-19

UCSF Bixby Center

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all facets of healthcare. With the pandemic, the Kenyan government set new restrictions to promote social distancing.

Training at school-based health centers to improve access to comprehensive contraceptive services

UCSF Bixby Center

Many pediatric providers are not trained to adequately provide comprehensive counseling and the full range of birth control methods to adolescents.

The Africa Interdisciplinary Health Conference goes virtual

UCSF Bixby Center
The Africa Interdisciplinary Health Conference provides a platform for clinicians and researches to share their work. Conference founder Dr. Jerry Nutor and his team have been nimble with reimagining the conference and adding new content relevant to the global public health crisis caused by the pandemic.

Medical students can't provide abortions if they never learn how

Bixby research shows that ob-gyn teaching hospitals often restrict abortion beyond state law, making it harder for people who want to learn to provide abortion care and the patients they care for.

How patients feel about discussing abortion during contraceptive counseling

UCSF Bixby Center

Abortions are a very common health experience in the United States, with about one in four women experiencing abortion in their lifetime.

Big hearts meet big challenges: How CAPTC is helping California stop the spread of COVID-19

UCSF Bixby Center
California Prevention Training Center’s expertise in disease intervention training for STI and HIV prevention makes them a natural fit for California Connected, the state’s massive contact tracing and public awareness campaign.

July 2020

Large Bay Area blood bank still turning away gay, bisexual men who meet US rules

San Francisco Chronicle
Dr. Deborah Cohan talked to the San Francisco Chronicle about the lack of a scientific basis for delaying blood donations from gay and bisexual men.