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September 2018

The power of practice: improving neonatal resuscitation in India

UCSF Bixby Center
A new paper evaluates the impact of PRONTO International simulation training on NR skills in primary health centers in Bihar, India, in both simulations and live deliveries.

Effective abortion training practices for clinicians

UCSF Bixby Center
New research from Bixby and colleagues explores an effective model for training advanced-practice clinicians to perform first-trimester aspiration abortions.

When women have control over the timing of having children, the children benefit

UCSF Bixby Center
New research from ANSIRH is the first known US study to examine the association of access to abortion with outcomes for children.

August 2018

Protect US abortion care by training more providers

UCSF Bixby Center
In today's New York Times, Bixby Director Dr. Jody Steinauer has an op-ed calling for a renewed commitment to training abortion providers, including advance-practice clinicians and family medicine physicians. She argues that everyone can play a role in ensuring that we are prepared for a possible future without Roe vs. Wade.

FACES launches 8 adolescent centers in Kisumu County, Kenya

UCSF Bixby Center
Family AIDS Care and Education Services (FACES) celebrated the opening of eight new adolescent centers in Kisumu County, Kenya on August 16th.

US policies targeting drug use during pregnancy have become more punitive

UCSF Bixby Center
A new paper from UCSF, Alcohol Research Group and Pacific Institute of Research and Evaluation breaks new ground in evaluating the landscape of policies around drug use and pregnancy.

Increasing men’s involvement in preventing mother-to-child HIV transmission

UCSF Bixby Center
A new FACES publication showed that a novel approach holds promise for addressing barriers to male involvement and improving maternal and infant health.

Mobility linked with higher-risk sexual behaviors in Kenya and Uganda

UCSF Bixby Center
New research from Carol Camlin and colleagues aims to better understand barriers to reaching mobile populations with HIV prevention and treatment by studying how mobility affects risk behaviors.

July 2018

Proposed changes to the Title X family planning program

The Lancet

Drs. Jody Steinauer and Phil Darney argue that proposed changes to the Title X family planning program violate medical ethics in The Lancet. 

Research suggests Nepal can expand medication abortion in pharmacies without compromising pregnancy prevention

UCSF Bixby Center
New Bixby research explores whether providing medication abortion by auxiliary nurse-midwives in pharmacies has any impact of adoption of post-abortion birth control.