Sneha Challa, PhD, MPH

Research Analyst
Institute for Health & Aging

Conceptualizing Contraceptive Agency: A Critical Step to Enable Human Rights-Based Family Planning Programs and Measurement.

Global health, science and practice

Holt K, Challa S, Alitubeera P, Atuyambe L, Dehlendorf C, Galavotti C, Idiodi I, Jegede A, Omoluabi E, Waiswa P, Upadhyay U

Measuring social norms of intimate partner violence to exert control over wife agency, sexuality, and reproductive autonomy: an item response modelling of the IPV-ASRA scale.

Reproductive health

Boyce SC, Minnis AM, Deardorff J, McCoy SI, Challa S, Johns N, Aliou S, Brooks M, Nouhou AM, Gochyyev P, Wilson M, Baker H, Silverman JG

Preference-Aligned Fertility Management as a Person-Centered Alternative to Contraceptive Use-Focused Measures.

Studies in family planning

Holt K, Galavotti C, Omoluabi E, Challa S, Waiswa P, Liu J

Associations between spousal gender equity and recent unintended pregnancy among married adolescent girls and their husbands in rural Niger.

African Journal of Reproductive Health

Fonseka RW, DeLong SM, Shakya HB, Challa S, Brooks MI, Silverman JG

Associations of spousal communication with contraceptive method use among adolescent wives and their husbands in Niger.

PloS one

Challa S, Shakya HB, Carter N, Boyce SC, Brooks MI, Aliou S, Silverman JG

Protocol for cluster randomized evaluation of reaching married adolescents - a gender-synchronized intervention to increase modern contraceptive use among married adolescent girls and young women and their husbands in Niger.

Reproductive health

Challa S, DeLong SM, Carter N, Johns N, Shakya H, Boyce SC, Vera-Monroy R, Aliou S, Ibrahima FA, Brooks MI, Corneliess C, Moodie C, Nouhou AM, Souley I, Raj A, Silverman JG

Multiple levels of social influence on adolescent sexual and reproductive health decision-making and behaviors in Ghana.

Women & health

Challa S, Manu A, Morhe E, Dalton VK, Loll D, Dozier J, Zochowski MK, Boakye A, Adanu R, Hall KS

"I don't know enough to feel comfortable using them:" Women's knowledge of and perceived barriers to long-acting reversible contraceptives on a college campus.


Hall KS, Ela E, Zochowski MK, Caldwell A, Moniz M, McAndrew L, Steel M, Challa S, Dalton VK, Ernst S