Renee Mehra, PhD

Assistant Adjunct Professor
Family Health Care Nursing

Dr. Mehra's research focuses on diversification of the perinatal workforce and social and structural factors that influence racial inequities in maternal and infant health. Using reproductive justice and ecosocial frameworks and mixed methods and community-partnered approaches, she conducts research and evaluations on diversifying the midwifery, doula, and community health care workforce. Her research also examines multilevel mechanistic pathways and the impact of programs and policies on reducing inequities in maternal and infant health.


"'Oh gosh, why go?' cause they are going to look at me and not hire": intersectional experiences of black women navigating employment during pregnancy and parenting.

BMC pregnancy and childbirth

Mehra R, Alspaugh A, Dunn JT, Franck LS, McLemore MR, Keene DE, Kershaw TS, Ickovics JR

Racism is a motivator and a barrier for people of color aspiring to become midwives in the United States.

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"Police shootings, now that seems to be the main issue" - Black pregnant women's anticipation of police brutality towards their children.

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The Space in the Middle: Attitudes of Women's Health and Neonatal Nurses in the United States about Abortion.

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Considerations to promote sustainability of community health worker programs to improve maternal health

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Racial and ethnic disparities in adverse birth outcomes: Differences by racial residential segregation

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Area-level deprivation and preterm birth: cross-sectional results from a national, commercially-insured population

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Recommendations for the pilot expansion of Medicaid coverage for doulas in New York State

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Combining phylogenetic and network approaches to identify HIV-1 transmission links in San Mateo County, California

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Why people smoke: addressing the ‘causes of causes’ of health inequities

Why people smoke: addressing the ‘causes of causes’ of health inequities

Mehra R

Trump’s housing cuts put Americans’ health at risk

Trump’s housing cuts put Americans’ health at risk

Mehra R

Anemia in older persons: etiology and evaluation

Blood Cells, Molecules, and Diseases

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