Kelly Taylor, PhD, MS, MPH

Assistant Adjunct Professor
+1 415 579-1808

Dr. Taylor is a research scientist with Global Health Sciences at the University of California, San Francisco. Educated at University of Michigan, Vanderbilt University, and University of California Berkeley, Dr. Taylor is a behavioral scientist with a background in community psychology, epidemiology, and evaluation methodology. She completed her postdoctoral fellowship in AIDS prevention at the University of California San Francisco, Center for AIDS Prevention Studies. Her primary research interests are in research capacity building in low resource settings, health disparities, and psychosocial determinants of health in developing countries, particularly, the role of health seeking behavior among key populations at risk for HIV. She is also interested in the treatment of HIV and other chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. Dr. Taylor’s emphasis is in Sub-Saharan Africa, and she has worked professionally in Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Senegal, and South Africa. Her current projects include designing and implementing HIV bio-behavioral surveillance studies in Ghana and evaluating implementation of health information systems in Mozambique.


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