Helen Arega

Special Projects Analyst

Helen Arega is a dedicated advocate for reproductive justice, with a focus on supporting women throughout their reproductive life span. She obtained her MA in Urban Affairs and Public Policy, specializing in Reproductive Health, from the University of Delaware. Since 2017, Helen has been associated with the University of California San Francisco (UCSF), where she has held various positions in research, community engagement, and project management.

Helen's focus has been to provide support, education, and advocate for women in matters pertaining to reproductive health. She believes in creating harmonious birth experiences where communities of color are honored, respected, and listened to. As a Full Spectrum Community Based Doula, she has actively worked with organizations such as the Roots of Labor Birth Collective and Black Women Birthing Justice to assist birthing individuals and BIPOC communities.

Furthermore, Helen is committed to dismantling systems of oppression and promoting health equity in research and support for birthing individuals. Currently, she serves as a Special Projects Analyst and Navigator with the Clinical & Transitional Science Institute, lending her expertise to support the Community Engagement (CE) and Research Action Group for Equity (RAGE) teams.

Helen's areas of expertise encompasses research management, study design, implementation and analysis, qualitative research methods, and community engagement communications. Creating genuine partnerships, amplifying the voices of communities, and ensuring that their perspectives are represented and valued are of immense importance to her.


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