Ashley Mitchell

Graduate Student Researcher
GHS - Programs

I am a doctoral candidate in the Global Health Sciences program at UCSF.

Recently I have been involved in domestic and international projects prioritizing contraceptive access, fertility norms, experiences of female genital fistula, and midwifery-led efforts to improve the referral process during obstetric emergencies, among others. My research has highlighted opportunities to improve reproductive and maternal agency and health and has demonstrated my ability to effectively collaborate with multinational, interdisciplinary teams.

As a global public health researcher, educator, and practitioner, I plan to remain at the intersections of academia, community partnership, and research. I desire to engage in inquiry and praxis that advances health equity and agency—particularly among people with the capacity for pregnancy. Drawing inspiration from intersectional feminism and decolonization, my primary research interests include global reproductive health, wellness, and justice. I am motivated to promote reimagined solutions that are more effective, respectful, and comprehensive.


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