Alyssa Lindsey

Project Manager
Family Community Medicine

"We really are seeing racism in the hospitals": Racial identity, racism, and doula care for diverse populations in Georgia.

PloS one

Sayyad A, Lindsey A, Narasimhan S, Turner D, Shah P, Lindberg K, Mosley EA

Impact of School Start Time Delays and Learning Modality on Sleep Timing and Duration During COVID-19.

Behavioral sleep medicine

Bryan CS, Weingart R, Lindsey A, Hale L, Johnson DA, Gazmararian JA

"I can be pro-abortion and pro-birth": Opportunities and challenges for full spectrum care among doulas in Georgia.

Frontiers in global women's health

Lindsey A, Narasimhan S, Sayyad A, Turner D, Mosley EA

The role of community and culture in abortion perceptions, decisions, and experiences among Asian Americans.

Frontiers in public health

Chandrasekaran S, Key K, Ow A, Lindsey A, Chin J, Goode B, Dinh Q, Choi I, Choimorrow SY

"Doulas shouldn't be considered visitors, we should be considered a part of [the] team": doula care in Georgia, USA during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sexual and reproductive health matters

Turner D, Lindsey A, Shah P, Sayyad A, Mack A, Rice WS, Mosley EA