Pharmacists can dispense mifepristone for abortions

screenshot from ANSIRH training on mifepristone
The FDA restricts mifepristone, a drug used for medication abortion, even though it is very safe. Patients can only get it through a certified provider at a clinic. One possible way to increase access is for pharmacists to provide mifepristone directly to patients. Pharmacists safely provide medication abortion in other countries, including Australia and Canada, which has improved access in rural areas.

New ANSIRH research tested how well it would work to have pharmacists give mifepristone to patients directly. The pharmacists received training and then provided mifepristone to patients who were eligible for medication abortion.

Most pharmacists were willing to be trained, supported providing mifepristone directly and agreed that the model was beneficial. They felt that one hour of training was enough and had few challenges providing the medication. At the end of the study, there had more knowledge about medication abortion, especially in areas related to providing the medication like dosing, efficacy and safety. These findings support removing the FDA restrictions on pharmacists providing patients with mifepristone.