The importance of "booster" sex education

Ongoing education on sexual health and other health topics is essential for young people transitioning into adulthood. Researchers at ANSIRH and IHPS partnered with a Youth Advisory Council to study how a new “booster” sex education called READY, Set, Go! can reinforce and expand upon students’ existing sexual health knowledge. 

  • Research shows that this “booster” sex education curriculum is feasible in school settings, accepted by youth participants, and have positive short-term outcomes.
  • Program participants reported an increase in the following: knowledge of sexual health, confidence in adult preparedness skills, awareness of sexual and mental health services, and willingness to seek out these services if needed.
  • Of the program participants, 84% found the content to be very useful, 67% found it to be very interesting, and 75% felt comfortable asking questions.

The success of READY, Set, Go! indicates that “booster” sex education can help provide developmentally appropriate sexual health knowledge as well as promote various health topics for older adolescents. It also demonstrates the value of youth input and engagement in sex education spaces. With recent policies restricting education for youth in America, it is important to consider the need for comprehensive youth-centered health education programs, especially in rural and other under-resourced communities.