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Outpatient providers face stress and anxiety during COVID-19

March 04, 2021
As we approach the year mark for initial COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders across the country, new research is emerging about the impact of the epidemic on healthcare providers’ mental health. While there has been a lot of necessary attention on the strain on frontline providers, the mental health...

Student debt is driving more Americans to donate their eggs—and some suffer lasting complications

Salon | February 19, 2021
Diane Tober wrote about her research with egg donors and how many of them struggle with student loan debt.

Seven percent of US women will self-manage abortion

February 16, 2021
Self-managed abortion, ending a pregnancy without formal supervision from a medical professional, has a long history within the United States, but the practice has gained recent attention as abortion restrictions increase. A new study by ANSIRH researchers presents the first national, population-...

Structural racism as defined by Black women

February 02, 2021
Exposure to structural racism has been shown to be a leading risk factor for adverse maternal and infant health outcomes among Black women. Yet, current measures of structural racism don’t fully account for inequity seen in maternal and infant health outcomes between Black and white women and...

The role of provider bias in maternity care disparities in western Kenya

January 26, 2021
The way people are treated in healthcare settings reflects larger societal norms and behaviors. Disrespect thrives where it is tolerated, and individual biases reinforce patterns of abuse. In societies where differential treatment based on socio-economic status is normal, providers may...

Meet Dr. Diane Tober, anthropologist demystifying egg donation

January 12, 2021
Diane Tober, PhD, has always been a research-minded person, even before she knew what that meant. As a kid, she always wanted to know “why?” and didn’t want to follow instructions unless she got a good answer. She gravitated toward activities that fed her hunger for knowledge and solidified her...

Provider support for IUDs can lead to coercive practices

January 05, 2021
Long-acting reversible contraceptives like IUDs and implants have been heavily promoted in recent years to reduce unintended pregnancies. However, this push for highly effective methods has received pushback for the way it ignores people’s preferences. Provider preferences for certain methods can...