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July 2019

Community health approach to HIV testing and treatment in rural Africa improves health on path to HIV epidemic control

UCSF Bixby Center
A new paper in the New England Journal of Medicine shares the results of a Sustainable East Africa Research in Community Health (SEARCH) trial in rural Kenya and Uganda.

Another study finds telemedicine is safe for certain abortions

Daniel Grossman talked to Healthline about new research affirming the safety of medication abortion through telemedicine.

Exploring friendship-based chain referral for adolescent HIV testing

UCSF Bixby Center
New research from Family AIDS Care Education and Services (FACES) tested the use of a friendship-based chain referral approach, which has been successful in other settings, to recruit adolescents for HIV testing in Kisumu County, Kenya.

Where Roe v. Wade has the biggest effect

New York Times
Roe upholds abortion in very different ways around the country. Without it, the fallout would be highly uneven, according to new research by scholars at Middlebury College and two reproductive health research groups.

Livelihood program improves perceived mental health of people living with HIV in Kenya

UCSF Bixby Center
New research from the Shamba Maisha study, supported by the National Institutes of Health, explored how a livelihood program impacted perceived mental health among people living with HIV in Migori County, Kenya.

Medicaid abortion restrictions are an insurmountable barrier

UCSF Bixby Center
Previous research on the impact of the Hyde Amendment found that about one quarter of women who would have had abortions instead gave birth when Medicaid does not cover abortion. A new ANSIRH study investigated whether that estimate is still relevant.

June 2019

VIDEO: Meeting the needs of patients post-Roe v. Wade

UCSF Bixby Center
The Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health cosponsored an event bringing together national and UCSF leaders on reproductive health and justice to discuss how our community should respond to increasingly extreme abortion restrictions sweeping the country.

Bixby experts testify before nation's first select committee on reproductive health

UCSF Bixby Center

On June 27, Bixby experts testified at the inaugural hearing of the California Assembly's Select Committee on Women's Reproductive Health. The committee, chaired by Assemblymember Rebecca Bauer-Kahan, is the first of its kind in the nation. The first panel set the stage for the conversation, focusing on the landscape for reproductive health in California and gaps that the legislature should address.

Meet Dr. Rachel L. Kaplan, trailblazing researcher fighting transphobia

UCSF Bixby Center
There is very little data about HIV in the Middle East to begin with, and funding and attention dedicated to eradicating the epidemic often ignores trans women. Dr. Rachel L. Kaplan is out to change that.

Denying abortion has consequences for women's health

UCSF Bixby Center
ANSIRH found that the physical health of women who have a first or second trimester abortion is no worse than those who gave birth. Instead, across several measures of chronic pain and overall self-rated health, women who give birth after being denied a wanted abortion fare worse than women who receive a wanted abortion.