Wanda Jackson

Disease Intervention Services Trainer and Technical Assistance Specialist, California Prevention Training Center (CAPTC)

Ms. Jackson is a Partner and Program Support Service Trainer with CAPTC. She has an extensive background in the field of STD/HIV prevention, having worked as a Disease Intervention Specialist, Public Health Investigator and Front line Supervisor. She maintains her connection to frontline work by assisting local Disease Intervention Specialists in contacting, locating and interviewing clients to prevent the spread of STDs and HIV.

Ms. Jackson has successfully completed Langevin Learning Services' customized web-based training and blended learning workshops, and has recently completed the development of the national web-based and blended learning curriculum for Partner Service Providers - Passport to Partner Services. She is committed to providing high quality skills-based partner and support services training to aid in intervening and preventing the spread of STDs and HIV for healthcare professionals throughout the US.