Community college students are worried about birth control costs

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Ensuring access to contraception is an essential part of reproductive health care and autonomy. However, people face barriers to contraception such as lack of knowledge or financial limitations.

Provider support for IUDs can lead to coercive practices

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Long-acting reversible contraceptives like IUDs and implants have been heavily promoted in recent years to reduce unintended pregnancies.

Pelvic exams can be a barrier to birth control for women with history of intimate partner violence

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Pelvic examinations used to be required to obtain hormonal contraception, creating a substantial barrier to accessing Starting in the mid-1990s, professional medical organizations walked back this

Training at school-based health centers to improve access to comprehensive contraceptive services

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Many pediatric providers are not trained to adequately provide comprehensive counseling and the full range of birth control methods to adolescents.

How the Supreme Court decision can affect your access to birth control

Anjana Sharma offered advice for people concerned about the Supreme Court birth control decision in Trump v. Pennsylvania ​in Healthline.

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