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December 2014

Major Complication Rate After Abortion Is Extremely Low, Study Shows

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In the most comprehensive look yet at the safety of abortion, researchers at UC San Francisco have concluded that major complications are rare, occurring less than a quarter of a percent of the tim

January 2013

Study: Abortions Are Safe When Performed By Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Certified Nurse Midwives

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First trimester abortions are just as safe when performed by trained nurse practitioners, physician assistants and certified nurse midwives as when conducted by physicians, according to a new six-y

June 2012

Bacterial Vaginosis Is Associated with Higher Risk of Female-to-Male Transmission of HIV

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An investigation led by UCSF has found that the risk of female-to-male HIV transmission is increased three fold for women with bacterial vaginosis, a common disorder in which the normal balance of bacteria in the vagina is disrupted.

April 2012

UC Global Health Attracts NIH Funds to Train Next Generation of Global Health Researchers

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The UC Global Health Institute has received one of five, $4 million grants from the Fogarty International Center to support 50 to 60 new fellows in global health research over the next five years, starting September 2012.

February 2011

Increased Contraceptive Supply Linked to Fewer Unintended Pregnancies

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Rates of unintended pregnancies and abortions decrease significantly when women receive a one-year supply of oral contraceptives, instead of being prescribed one- or three-month supplies, a UCSF study shows.