Annual Report 2014-2015 > Pregnancy & childbirth

    The Bixby Center is working to make childbirth safer for women around the world by promoting health and human rights, conducting rigorous research and training providers. Here are some of our noteworthy achievements in pregnancy and childbirth over the past year:
  • We are leading trials to evaluate the impact of a low-cost training for health care providers on maternal and newborn health in Guatemala, Kenya and India. In India’s state of Bihar, we are working with CARE India to roll out a midwife mentor training program.16
  • We proved that providing women with publicly funded contraceptive services after they give birth helps them to achieve healthy birth spacing and prevent subsequent preterm births.17,18

We designed and tested a simple tool that saves women’s lives when they continue to bleed after giving birth, called the Lifewrap. Our research helped inform an international agreement with NGOs, UCSF, a manufacturer and UN agencies to significantly reduce the cost of the Lifewrap so it can reach more women in need.19

To learn more about our programs and partners working in pregnancy and childbirth, see the Safe Motherhood Program and Pronto International.

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