Annual Report 2014-2015 > Education & training

    The Bixby Center provides evidence-based training to medical providers, researchers and future leaders in reproductive and sexual health in the United States and internationally. Here are some of our noteworthy achievements in education and training over the past year:
  • We launched the GloCal Health Fellowship, a program that trains researchers and health care providers to address critical global health issues.
  • We have trained more than 1,600 contraceptive providers in diverse practice settings to offer the full range of contraceptive methods to their patients.
  • Our Fellowship in Family Planning—the only post- doctoral training—is now in 31 leading Ob/Gyn departments, with 225 current and graduated fellows.
  • Our Ryan Residency Training Program is now in 85 teaching hospitals—1/3 of Ob/Gyn residency programs. The program has trained 4,300 residents in evidence- based methods of abortion and contraception.

We’re introducing state-of-the-art reproductive health education online. This includes the first-ever online course about abortion, which reached almost 7,000 students from 155 countries, and a course on early pregnancy loss.

To see our programs working in training and education, see Beyond the PillFamily AIDS Care & Education Services (FACES), the Fellowship in Family PlanningInnovating Education in Reproductive Health and the Kenneth J. Ryan Residency Program.

To help us continue training the next generation of reproductive health providers in the US and globally, make a gift to the Bixby Center.