Bixby members respond to Texas' abortion ban

Bixby members are speaking out in the media about the crisis in Texas and the ways abortion bans harm people.

Samantha Bee in front of a screen reading "Abortion restrictions put women's health, safety and well-being at risk"

·   Full Frontal with Samantha Bee highlighted our research showing that abortion restrictions put pregnant people’s health, safety and wellbeing at risk.

·  Carole Joffe and Jody Steinauer wrote about the problem with abortion ban exceptions to save the life or a pregnant person and called for abortion access for all in the New York Times.

·  Jennifer Kerns debunked misleading language about fetal cardiac activity in CNNNPRHealthline and Insider.

·  Diana Greene Foster talked about the Turnaway Study and the impact of restrictions on people who are denied abortion in CNNThe 19thMSNNBC News and WNYC.

·  Daniel Grossman explained how California could be impacted in the New York Times and called for increased access to medication abortion in NBC News.

“Everyone deserves access to safe, timely, compassionate abortion care. In the face of the growing crisis for abortion access in Texas and around the country, we must come together to develop bold, forward-thinking solutions for Californians and everyone who seeks care here. The Bixby Center is eager to lend our expertise in abortion research, training and clinical care to this essential effort.” 

Bixby Center Director Dr. Jody Steinauer on the announcement of the California Future of Abortion Council