Felisa Preskill, MPP

Associate Director, Innovating Education in Reproductive Health 

Ms. Preskill has over 10 years of experience working to advance access to abortion and enhance teaching in abortion and reproductive health. She has designed, implemented, and published both quantitative and qualitative studies on abortion training and abortion practice after residency. Through Innovating Education in Reproductive Health, Ms. Preskill has worked to create and disseminate new digital tools to address the omission of abortion from many health science curricula and to apply the most up-to-date educational theory to teaching in this arena. Most recently, she led a team to produce the first online course about abortion, presented through Coursera.org. The course generated more than 70 videos, including 40 lectures, examining the topic of abortion through the lenses of clinical care, public health, social science, and the global experience of abortion. 


  • Goldman School of Public Policy at University of California, Berkeley, Master's in Public Policy 
  • Brown University, Bachelor's