Abbey Cliffe

Abbey works as a Project Coordinator with the Person-Centered Reproductive Health Program (PCRHP). Her work focuses on the development of interventions designed to support and educate young people in the dynamic and multi-faceted process of taking charge of their own health and healthcare. She is passionate about and committed to meaningful and mutualistic stakeholder engagement as a central component of research – as an organized way to keep researchers accountable to the communities with whom we seek to partner. Abbey is a current Bixby Advocacy and Communications Fellow. In her future work, she intends to carry forward the values of person-centeredness in her pursuit of a degree in Clinical Social Work. Outside of her work with Bixby and the PCRHP, she serves as a telephone counselor with a support line for parents and caregivers, buries her face in (generally sad) novels, and ogles at dogs and cats she meets on neighborhood walks.