Community health campaigns reach more women for cervical cancer screening in Kenya

UCSF Bixby Center
A study from Bixby Center researchers and colleagues in Kenya points to a potentially high-impact and cost-effective way to screen women for HPV and prevent cervical cancer.

Family planning providers can help address racial and gender disparities in HIV prevention

UCSF Bixby Center
There is an urgent need to reach more women with PrEP, and new commentary from UCSF & University of Missouri makes the case that family planning clinics have an important role to play in filling the gap.

Pregnant and postpartum women more susceptible to HIV infection

UCSF Bixby Center
New research from University of Washington, Kenya Medical Research Institute and UCSF provides strong evidence that women are at greater risk of HIV-1 infection during late pregnancy and after birth.

Good signs for HIV treatment for children in East Africa

UCSF Bixby Center
New research from a large team looks at children’s ability to maintain ART consistently through 4 programs in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

Key factors for keeping mothers from passing HIV to infants

UCSF Bixby Center
Over 90% of children in Kenya living with HIV were exposed to the virus while in their mothers’ wombs. While antiretroviral therapy (ART) is widely available, there are still far too many pregnant women who don’t get treatment. A new study co-authored by UCSF Bixby Center researchers identified several factors linked to mothers passing HIV on to infants.

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