Goleen Samari, PhD, MPH, MA

Professional Researcher, Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health

Broadly, Dr. Samari's research focuses on social inequality and women's health. She examines how community health and women's reproductive health are shaped by discrimination, gender inequality, and migration both domestically and globally with a particular focus on communities from or in the Middle East and North Africa. She was the first to draw attention to Islamophobia as a public health issue in the United States, and one of a few researchers examining women's empowerment and reproductive health in the Middle East and North Africa. Cutting across all her research areas is an interest in the way social science constructs are measured and the methods that guide the research process. Her work also consistently aims to bridge the gap between research and policy.


Areas of interest:

  • Social inequality and women's health
  • Women's empowerment in the Middle East and Northern Africa 
  • Social science methodology



  • University of California, Los Angeles, MA in Islamic Studies and MPH in Community Health, 2010 
  • University of California, Los Angeles, PhD in Public Health, 2015
  • University of Texas at Austin, NICHD Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, 2017