Carole Joffe, PhD

Professor, Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health, UCSF
Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health (ANSIRH)
Professor Emerita, Dept. of Sociology, University of California, Davis



Carole Joffe, PhD, is a professor at the UCSF Bixby Center's Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health (ANSIRH) Program and a professor of sociology emerita at the University of California, Davis.  Her research focuses on the social dimensions of reproductive health, with a particular interest in abortion provision. She is the author of Dispatches from the Abortion Wars: The Costs of Fanaticism to Doctors, Patients and the Rest of Us; Doctors of Conscience: The Struggle to Provide Abortion before and after Roe v Wade, and The Regulation of Sexuality: Experiences of Family Planning Workers  and numerous articles on abortion  in scholarly journals.  Besides writing for an academic audience, she also writes frequently for the general public on the topics of reproductive health and reproductive politics. In 2013, , Dr. Joffe received the Lifetime Achievement Aweard from the Society of Family Planning; in 2010, she was named the Irwin Cushner Lecturer by the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals;  in 2006, Dr. Joffe was awarded the Public Service Award by the Academic Senate of the University of California, Davis in recognition of her research that benefitted many reproductive health organizations.  She received her BA from Brandeis University and her PhD in sociology from the U.of California, Berkeley. 

Areas of Interest:

  • Sociology of Reproductive Health and Reproductive Politics
  • Sociological Aspects of Abortion Provision
  • Welfare Reform and Reproductive Politics

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Updated December 2013


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